Prairieville Desperados, LLC   Membership Application

                        A Cowboy Fast Draw Association Affiliated Club

 409 Garland CT.  Waukesha, WI. 53188

Date ____________________________

Name ___________________________      Alias ___________________________

Email ___________________________       Phone __________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City ____________________________        State _______   Zip  _______________

Requirements for membership in the Prairieville Desperados

Must be a current member of Cowboy Fast Draw Assoc.  Membership# _____  Exp.  __________
It is recommended that you be an NRA member. (But not required)  NRA membership #_______

Prairieville Desperados Membership Agreements

As a member, I agree to abide by all the Prairieville Desperados club rules and decisions.
It is my responsibility to keep my membership with Prairieville Desperados and CFDA in good standing and current.
I will stay up to date on and abide by the current edition of the CFDA Gunslingers Guidelines.
When able, help and support with club activities and functions.

Membership Dues     New  _____    Renewal  _____   Renewals due March 1st each year

____   Annual Membership    $36.00 per year  (1st year pro rated $3.00 per month)

____   3 Year Membership     $100.00   Expires _______________

____   Life Membership          $350.00   (one - time fee)    (non-refundable)                      

            Amount Paid   $____________                             Club Number ___________                                    

Signature of applicant:  ________________________

Please mail application and check to the address at the top of the form

Make checks payable to: Prairieville Desperados


I agree that I will not hold the Prairieville Desperados, Cowboy Fast Draw Assoc., Land Owner, Lease holders, members of such responsible for any injuries as a result of participation in any part of Cowboy fast draw or related activities. I acknowledge that Cowboy Fast Draw, by its very nature, has the potential to be dangerous and a serious accident could occur. I assume full responsibility for my actions and that of any minor that I may be signing for. I further agree to follow all the rules of the Cowboy Fast Draw assoc. & the Prairieville Desperados, especially those concerning safety and conduct. I agree that I am not a convicted felon and can legally posses and handle a firearm.